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You’ve come to the right place for your brand building needs, whether you’re looking for information on indie business promotions, indie music marketing, freelance consultancy marketing or marketing campaigns.  Indie Artist Go via PATV Media is an online resource that gives independent brands, small business owners, indie music artists, graphic designers, startup companies and other independent businesses access to the tools needed to successfully self-promote their projects and ideas. There is no other indie marketing resource that possesses the technique and skill that PATV Media does.

Indie Music Artist Interview/Review

Do you need some good music promotion online?


Do you want to be featured on a popular indie music marketing blog that is all about helping you as an indie artist?


If so, get interviewed NOW.


Do you have an album, mixtape, EP or any other project out right now that needs to be talked about?


Do you want your latest project to be reviewed on an indie music marketing blog that is all about helping you as an indie artist?


If so, get it reviewed on Indie Artist Go.


DISCLAIMER: Your music must be up to par. Only music of top quality will be accepted, so if your music isn't that, I reserve the right to turn down your submission. Musicians who are serious about their music and exhibit some kind of professionalism will be the ones who get interviewed/featured.


Having your own website is preferred but not mandatory. This shows your professionalism and willingness to invest in your craft! If you don't have a website, inquire about my web design services.


Indie Artist Go is dedicated to promoting artists who are TALENTED and making the effort to put themselves out there. No hobbyists. If you don't put the time, energy, and money into your music, please DO NOT reply. Serious musicians only. I repeat, SERIOUS MUSICIANS ONLY!


Get in contact with me now to get your project promoted on Indie Artist Go!

Artistpreneur Spotlight for Creative Entrepreneurs


As an entrepreneur things can get tough as you may not get much promotion or you're struggling to find who you are as creative artists, but with my blog you will have access to a great range of advice to help you progress to the next level and we are one of the biggest blogs for creative entrepreneurs online!


DISCLAIMER: I'm dedicated to promoting hard working, talented entrepreneurs ONLY. Your works must be of great quality and all submissions are accepted at my sole discretion. I reserve the right to turn down your submission and cancel the gig.


Only clients who are serious about their work and exude professionalism will be interviewed for the site.


The feature includes...


  • 10 interview questions
  • 2 to 3 of your most recent photos
  • Your website and social media links at the end of the interview


Think about it this way - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and with my 100% genuine interest in assisting creative types in taking their destiny in their own hands, I can help provide the kick start you require today.


Submit A Guest Post/Blog/Article

As a passionate fan of the arts and the creative industry I am providing the opportunity for you to guest post / submit an article on Indie Artist Go providing you are involved in or have the same passion as me for the arts.

Your posts should be centered around helping others succeed in the creative industry as Indie Artist Go is aimed towards this and extending the reach of the networking that people can achieve.

I would like to see any of the following people advertise on the site:

  • Musicians
  • Bands
  • Managers
  • Booking Agents
  • Concert Promoters
  • Web Designers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Merchandising Companies
  • Illustrators
  • Branding & Marketing Professionals


Provided you are one of these people listed above, and you are posting about anything grassroots and/or arts-related as well as having a genuine interest in helping artistry/entrepreneurship, feel free to contact me to discuss what you'd like to post. If you have great content geared towards empowering creative entrepreneurs then I want you to post on one of the most popular indie marketing sites around on the web.

Get More Likes & Followers

Your social media presence is how you display your brand to the world. If the numbers aren’t there, it immediately undermines your credibility.


On the flip side, having a Facebook fan page or Twitter profile page with thousands of likes does the opposite, lending an immediate air of legitimacy to your brand.


Unfortunately, most services that promise to give you thousands of followers are frauds. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Even worse, using bots and other forms of banned software puts your accounts at risk of being shut down. 


Using real, authentic promotional strategies, we’ll run promotions that drip-feed your pages to our audience over a time course of 10-30 days, driving REAL, organic followers and likes to your social media profile.



  • Likes/Fans for your page
  • Page set-up/design
  • Sharing your Facebook page on other high traffic pages


  • Followers


  • Followers


This service is ideal for individuals and small businesses on a budget. Monthly recurring likes and follows available. Inquire for pricing.



So stop waiting. Order today – and get the social media profile you dreamed of created.

Expose your brand to a wider audience with Indie Artist Go. Whether it be through an interview, review, feature, ad placement, etc., we have the platform necessary for you to expand your brand even further. Indie Artist Go is not only an indie artist/creative entrepreneur empowerment resource but it is a promotional/marketing resource for true, unheard talent! 

Interviews and reviews stay on the site forever and will be easily visible on the search engines. Indie Artist Go allows product/ad placement as well and can stay on the site weekly or monthly. If you'd like an interview, choose the one you want on the form and send in a bio and any other important information about your brand and we will reply back with the interview questions for you to answer. For all other services, fill out the form below, provide as much details as possible, click send and receive a reply back within 24 - 48 hours.

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Interview (10 Questions) - $10Interview (15 Questions) - $15Interview (20 Questions) - $20

Featured Post (1 Week) - $10Featured Post (4 Weeks) - $40Featured Video (1 Week) - $20Featured Video (4 Weeks) - $80

Album Review (150 - 300 words) - $10Album Review (500 - 600 words) - $25Album Review (800 - 1,000 words) - $45Product/Service Review (150 - 300 words) - $10Product/Service Review (500 - 600 words) - $25Product/Service Review (800 - 1,000 words) - $45

Submit 1 Guest Post - $5Submit 3 Guest Posts - $15Submit 5 Guest Posts - $25

Sidebar Advertising Space - Music/Video/Product/Service (1 week) - $50Sidebar Advertising Space - Music/Video/Product/Service (1 month) - $200